Randonnee 2002

This years Randonnee started out pretty much the same as the years previous, Friday night roll into town and met everyone at Prejean's for a good dinner then it was downtown to find the International festival was closed..

Saturday we checked on the bikes and headed downtown to spend some time at the international festival while it was open....


And of course on Saturday night it was off to "Crawfish Town USA" for the biggest and best Crawfish I've ever had.

And Guess who our waitress was????

You may remember Kelly from last year...

Sunday Morning was the actual ride. This year was quite different then years past for many reasons, one the ride was set up with two routes, 25 Mile ride and a 45 Mile ride with only one rest stop (where Boudin was served) and a larger meal at the end. This year I opted to pull a new sound system on my bike which was great as far as the music that was available, but with a 10-15 MPH headwind for the first 24 Miles of the ride the added weight of it made the ride very difficult. I probably should have opted for the Trek Road bike instead of the Mountain bike or at least I should have put the slicks on the mountain bike. At the 30 mile mark I was hurting bad and more importantly, I was starving. Luckily they had fruit and Boudin at the rest stop so I loaded up on fruit and sausage and I was ready for the last 15 miles.

After the ride was chow time at the "Bank" in Downtown Lafayette. The food was amazing and this year all you could eat which was an added treat since as you know me, I can always eat more Cajun food.