What exactly was all this mayhem about…

 This is where Trey (one of the original Dorian Trance members who has given up his membership to pursue other interests) along with a few others rented an RV to camp out at the NASCAR races at the Texas Motor Speedway. Being a true reflection of the Dorian Trance spirit I could not let this act go on without some sort of freaky twist to it. 

So Myself along with a few honest to god rednecks from Mississippi went out to the track to join Trey and his small group of people to camp out and generally run amuck throughout the NASCAR camp sites for a few days.... 

Oh yeah, did I mention 1000 Watts of sound and professional DJ equipment including small laser and other assorted lights and a generator to power all this festive equipment????   

Being the peace-loving guy that I am, and always trying to aim to please I went on a quest to come up with a suitable play list to entertain the crowds, and in my search, I think I have created a new form of dance music, I like to call "Redneck House".  Redneck house was formed as far as I can tell while on a plane listening to my MP3 player and I jumped from an X-Dream (fairly progressive trance song) to some Johnny Cash song I had put on there in the country section for work parties. (Hey I had 125 hours of music to fill). 

So while creating this new genre of music, I have been playing with a short clip of "DJ You DJ Me" slamming right into "Johnny Cash's version of Big Bad John" which then does a slow fade into "Beautiful people by Paul Van Dyke" next I kept it on a dance mix and fade into "DJ Visage- The Return" which then slides nicely (actually) into "The Rockford files theme song" this goes on with some more electronic stuff which eventually turns into Convoy by CW Mcaw (or whatever that guys name is) 

Now I think you get the idea of "Redneck House" all my different CD's along with a bunch of old country stuff and a sample of Jeff Foxworthy saying "Hey ya'll watch this!!!" thrown in there every so often and I felt our camp would be rocking... oh yeah 1000 Watts of sound will help to. :)

So now for the actuals......

 We arrived at our campsite around 8 or 9 PM on Friday night and the campsites were fairly full. As we unloaded our equipment and got everything hooked up, I assessed the situation and realized I may have underestimated just how redneck this situation might have been. So to play it safe I started out with Convoy and turned up the volume... people went nuts and started heading over to hear what was going on. Out of fear of becoming a martyr for the Redneck House movement, I played quite a bit of old country stuff that night and mixed in some retro every so often. The crowd hung out till around 3 AM or so when I finally shut it down.

Now Saturday we went to the Busch race and returned around 4 or so in the afternoon to cruise the campgrounds on the back of a golf cart... We met lots of interesting people on our journey and made lots of new friends while explaining to them that we were having a small social gathering at the "hi-tech redneck" camp. We returned to our camp, to turn up the sound system and began the craziness...

Now the pictures don't do it justice, but we had at one count 450-500 people in front our camp dancing and having a good time to whatever music I played be it country, rock & roll or many forms of electronica... I'll never forget the crowd dancing to Timo Mas at 4:00AM it was surreal, I've never seen so many bearded people in camouflage dancing to cool trance music and generally having a wonderful time. The party ended around 5:00AM but while cleaning up the next day, it was great to have all the people coming by and thanking us for the great party and wanting to stay in touch so that they could camp by us next year.

Some things learned:

1) Good ol' boys are just that... they will give you the shirt off there back as long as you don't drink all their beer.

2) NASCAR fans love their weed, and no matter how many times you tell them you don't smoke they continue to be generous and offer it.

3) If you're wearing bright red pants and a purple feather boa while dancing around a NASCAR campground, lots of people ask you for ecstasy.

4) any song Country, Rock & Roll, Polka etc... mixed with a sound clip of a stock car going around a track will get a great response from a NASCAR crowd

5) Never leave your used race tire laying around 500 drunken' NASCAR fans

6) When in doubt... play convoy

all in all I'd say the experiment was a success!

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