Hard Times Ahead

 Yes, troubles Iíve had,


So too, will you all;

For each path we take,

Has a stumble or fall.


Yes, this can be sad,


Moreso for the good;

For every mistake,

Can be understood.


Yes, Iíve taken them hard--

Some I still will never admit!


 Iíve looked to the light,

From the depths of the pitÖ



That is my secret;

Why I refuse now to look down;

Why I seek far more to smile,

And far less to frown!


Yes, too easy it seems,

For us to give up;


To lose any hope,

Is to empty the cup.


For when I thought Iíd lost hope,

Nothing looked moreso bleak;


Each time hope did find me,

Though hope I did not seek.


So to you I leave this thought-

One you may not yet know;

When you fall or stumble,

Remember to grow!


© 010530 Stephen J. Crothers Esq.