Obituary Photo

Crothers Upon The Loo
  Stratford Upon Avon

Self-Portrait, 840414 England, Shakespear's "Hood"


Folks, being of as sound mind,
as sound as any thinks they is,

I have selected my Obituary Photograph
& ask that y'all make pact that, even if ya'
gotta by the damn space, that this will be
the photograph used!!!

No, I am not on some "deathwish" mode,
in fact, I kinda like hang'n 'round just to
see wut's next!!!

But, look, if one just peruses a few daze of
Obit's, they will find that the only ones that
look even "half-happy" to be on that "Other
Shore" are only some... &, of those, there is
a subset that, at least is wear'n their favorite
hat (them is, most always a' smile'n!!!)!!!

So, for a long while, I have been setlled on
to have a "hat" photog above my blurb of
not so vital statistics...

But, here is one photo (self-portrait, mind you!!!)
without a hat & with either mirth or mayhem, or
even both, that I request you ensure get's in the