Have You Ever Tried

to Get Lost? 

SYNOPSIS of, Labyrinth of Chaos, by Brian Wallace. A Psychedelic Love Story


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ALAN AGRIPPA, a modern-day sojourner through Great Britain, embarks upon a journey that encompasses geographical terrain as well as mental terrain. While exploring the metropolitan and rural areas of England, Scotland, and Ireland, he immerses himself in a broad range of philosophical challenges in order to develop understanding of a world that up until this point is, to him, unknown.

 Intellectually, he is propelled toward finding answers to such questions as:

-          What is the history of The United Kingdom and what are the great beauties and  intrigues of its museums, landmarks, and castles?

-          What is the nature of physics, mysticism, and explorative psychology in reference to  himself and his surroundings?

Experientially, he becomes versed in the idiosyncrasies of the people and the places.

-          He encounters, among others, a quantum scholar, a compassionate Jesuit priest, and an alluring female purveyor of voodoo.

-          He philosophizes in response to the elegant cathedrals and moving landscapes: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Scottish coast.

Romantically, he meets and falls in love with, Ronia Vintras, a French foreign exchange student.

-          Discovering a compatriot in the game of life, he sets out for hedonistic pleasures and    stimulating, fulfilling companionship.

-          The journey, now including two, mirrors a great mystic voyage that evolves along a spectrum of inquiry, experience, rapprochement.

The story is not without its sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. The overwhelming theme is one of transcendence, but transcendence in the sense of humanistic experience of a broad range. An individualistic spirit permeates this book in an avant-garde, almost counter-cultural way. The protagonist represents that which resides in the human spirit: an encapsulation of youthful idealism, romantic longings, and unbridled pursuit of genius.

The reader is openly encouraged to engage in the events to a much more meaningful degree than the usual novel. Traditional notions of morality, politics, and love will be challenged and hopefully this revolution of thought will prove invigorating, and, perhaps edifying. Finally, the conclusion presents a full-circle realization to the reader that the entire journey fulfilled a promise and achieved its destiny: an answer to the question, “Why?” 

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